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A Florida Staining and Sealing Company with High Quality Results.

What We Do

Aaron next to his fishing boat

Dock Staining before

Aaron next to his fishing boat

Dock Staining after

Deck, dock, and fence staining in Florida can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be with Gulf Coast Stain and Seal's help!

Staining in Florida, decks, docks, and fences must be done during the right seasons to ensure a successful outcome. Temperature, moisture, and sunlight are essential factors to consider when you stain your deck, dock, fence, or other wood surfaces. Aaron has over 15 years of experience in wood restoration and maintenance, so you can count on him to know what to do for your unique project.

Does your deck or dock wood look like it has deterioration?

Deteriorated wood surface

Harsh Florida weather is bound to harm and damage your wood deck and dock surfaces.

Weathered wood is good for staining, but if you allow your wood to weather too much, it will cause UV radiation to break down your deck and dock's surface, compromising its integrity.

Eventually, this will cause erosion and oxidation and give the deck and dock a weathered and gray appearance. Too much exposure to high moisture environments will cause mildew and stains on your deck's surface. This mildew will penetrate past the surface, and it will begin to damage the wood even further. This is a common problem in Florida, where the wood surface never completely dries out.

Deteriorated wood surface

Our Wood Restoration and Refinishing Process

Gulf Coast Stain and Seal may be able to restore your wood to its original beauty. Weathered and worn decks, docks, and fences are uninviting and bring down your home or business's curb appeal and property values. We will determine if your wood deck, dock, or fence surface can be power washed - then, with a bit of work sanding the surface, a new stain will be applied to your wood surface, and it will look as good as new!

Go to our deck, dock, and fence staining project gallery to view our beautifully restored decks, docks, and fences that were once worn and gray looking.

Our Deck, Dock, And Fence Staining Process

Does your deck, dock, or fence have the unappealing "gray" look? Gulf Coast Stain & Seal has a solution! We start by meticulously pressure washing the deck, dock, or fence surface.

In some cases, we apply a chemical cleaner. This is not always necessary. However, we will use the cleaner with some badly weathered wood surfaces to help with the power washing process. Learn more about these products here.

After an adequate dry time, we then apply one of our carefully selected, high-quality stains or paints from Armstrong-Clark to ensure that you get a beautiful finish on your deck, dock, or fence!

Paver Sealing

Paver Sealing is what we do best! We pressure wash and seal pavers of all types. Our service guarantee helps you keep your pavers safe from the elements and sealed for years to come. For longer lasting pavers contact Gulf Coast Stain & Seal Co.

Dock Restoration

We take care of your dock to provide you with protection against the harsh Florida elements and the longer life of your dock's surface. Gulf Coast Stain & Seal Co. services the Sarasota to Venice, Florida area.

Wood Staining and Restoration

Everything from wood decks, to fences, to all outdoor wood, done right the first time.

Outdoor Furniture Restoration

We restore your outdoor wood patio furniture.

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