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IPE Dock Restoration Project in Longboat Key, FL

Project Details

IPE Dock Restoration project in Longboat Key, FL. IPE is a type of hardwood from South American. IPE hardwood is known for its hardness, durability, and longevity. IPE wood is a very effective wood for docks and other structures exposed to water for various reasons. IPE wood is naturally slip-resistant. It is also highly resistant to water, rot, and mold.

IPE wood docks can be stained, treated, and restored by a professional to prolong the life of your dock. Oiling, cleaning, and re-staining are all parts of the maintenance for an IPE wood dock. Over time, the elements have their effect but maintaining and restoring an IPE wood dock, with the help of a professional, will keep the IPE wood looking luxurious for ages.

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