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IPE Deck and Dock staining project in St. Armands Key

Project Details

Deck and Dock IPE wood staining project in St. Armands Key, Sarasota, FL. Docks made from IPE Wood are incredibly durable. It is a tough, very dense wood. Harder than oak, it resembles and performs like teak.

Oil can rejuvenate IPE wood decks or docks. Cleaning and staining IPE wood helps decks or docks that have not had maintenance or need a little help from a professional with restoration or preservation. IPE wood for docks is low maintenance as it is amazingly impervious to water damage and rot. However, IPE wood still needs to be treated and maintained over time to prolong the life of your dock. Besides oil, you can decide to restain IPE wood, but this should be done by a professional. Staining IPE wood will keep it looking dark and luxurious for ages.

Gulf Coast Stain and Seal Recommendations for IPE wood for docks and deck restorations

  • Deck Stain, made by Armstrong Clark, is recommended for docks with IPE wood for the conditioning oils that part from the formula's drying oils. It helps penetrate oils into the wood to revive and restore your IPE wood dock's beauty.
  • Using deck stain, made by Messmer's for Hardwoods, is excellent for IPE wood docks and decks. A penetrating wood stain and oil with a professional finish beautifies and protects your IPE wood dock and gives you a natural appearance.
  • Sodium Percarbonate, also known as Oxygenated Bleach, is exceptionally effective at removing mold, algae, and other surface contaminants.
  • An oxalic Acid is an option for IPE wood decks and docks. This solution will help open up the wood surface much more than a citric blend. This solution will allow your stain to penetrate the IPE hardwood.

If you have an IPE wood restoration project and live in Sarasota or Venice, Florida, and would like a free quote, call Gulf Coast Stain and Seal Co. at 941-702-1526.

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