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Your Annual Home Maintenance Should Include Your Boat Dock

June 15, 2022

Your dock is an extension of your home, it should be included in your annual home maintenance. In order to prolong the life of your dock, consider staining it on an annual basis.

7 Steps to Stain Your Dock or Deck The Right Way

May 12, 2022

Staining your dock or desk is a great way to protect the wood from weathering and give it a fresh look.

What type of stain should I use on my dock or deck?

April 01, 2022

We explain the differences with the many different choices of stain for your dock or deck. Everyone's deck or dock is unique, so not all staining jobs will have the same process or product that is best for that particular job.

When is it time for exterior wood staining or painting?

March 09, 2022

We specialize in the restoration of outdoor wooden patio furniture and hardwood surfaces. Patio furniture types include luxury outdoor sectionals, outdoor chaise lounges, outdoor bar stools, and other outdoor hardwood patio furniture varieties.

Why should I hire a professional to stain my dock or deck?

February 10, 2022

You want your deck to be protected from the weather, sun, and other harsh elements. You also want the best quality stain and the job done right. Hiring a professional staining and sealing company will help you protect your investment in your home or business.

Tips and best practices for staining your dock or deck

January 15, 2022

We provide tips and detailed advice for your deck or dock staining project. The time period to wait after pressure washing, temperature, weather forecast, and your choice of color for the stain you select. Get advice from your local staining professional!

How long do I let my deck dry after I power wash to stain?

April 03, 2021

It is important to wait the maximum time period of dry time after you wash and before staining your dock or deck. We cover the optimal conditions, and provide you with advice about how to prepare your dock or deck for staining. Advice you can trust from a local professional with over 15 years of experience.

Cleaning your deck or dock surface before you stain

March 10, 2021

Make sure you use a quality deck cleaner before staining your deck. Clean and rinse the surface with a garden hose and a power washer. You could damage your deck surface if you don't know how to use a power washer.

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