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Roof Soft Washing

Roof Soft Washing from Sarasota to Venice, FL

Gulf Coast Stain & Seal Co. offers roof soft washing services to Gulf Coast Florida Homes and Businesses.

We will discuss the process we use for roof cleaning, the detergents we use, how we apply the cleaners, and what you can expect from a roof cleaning by Gulf Coast Stain and Seal.

Roofs in Florida typically have "black appearance," this black is actually a living organism. The rooftop turns black as a result of the algae build-up. You will see one side of your roof may have more lime and aging than the other sides. This lime build-up can lead to premature aging of the roof. The algae is feeding on the limestone filler that's commonly used in shingle production. If left untreated, it can lead to rapid deterioration of your shingles, and cause the rooftop to need to be replaced. Even if you can't see it, algae is most likey forming on your roof if you haven't had your roof soft washed recently.

If you call us early enough, you can stop your roof's premature aging with a simple soft wash cleaning. Dirty roofs with a large amount of build-up, with this type of black algae, will require a bit stronger solution than we typically use. Dirty than normal roofs can be cleaned with stronger solutions. With less dirty roofs, we can use a standard chemical solution. Our soft wash system has almost no overspray. After just minutes of spraying the roof we can see a big difference. When the chemical is activated, we will start to see the nastiness run down the roof's surface.

We offer two ways to clean your roof:

  1. Soft Washing - helps protect the shingle roofs from using a high pressure wash
  2. Pressure Washing - for concrete or metal roofs that don't require soft washing

If you're looking for a pressure washing, or soft washing and roof cleaning company in the Sarasota Florida area, give us a call today!

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